Deutsch: Lesbische Zweisamkeit im Bett

I slip out under a white cover. A puff of air and I’m free, roaming across hills and crevices, flying through reeds of pliant grass and over channels and pulsing red mounds.

I spread out, away from my origin and down onto white plains, urging my scent into arches and cavities, covering it all so that every last part of me chokes and consumes the air and covers the long tubes of pink and brown which stretch like giant sleeping logs on the plains.

Then suddenly the entire world changes.

My flow is disrupted. The white cover lifts and I am thrown left then right then up then down then every way at once. The grip I had on the arches and cavities broken, I fly out from under the cover to the edge of a sharp precipice then down.

The noise is deafening. There are shouts and cries and a sudden pounding in and around me, something hard breaking my flow, once then twice then again and again.

I am left, right, up, down, but no longer together. My flow is shattered into little pockets and islands, the air dividing me from myself. I spread, but desperately now, trying to find the parts of me I’ve lost, trying to come together again and be one.

But the pounding returns, and suddenly there is a mist coming at me. Powerful and vicious, sharp and choking, the spray flies into me and sucks away my scent, my life, my being.

Instantly the islands I’ve been searching for disappear and I am shrinking, the mist biting at every last particle of my gas.

I swerve and dodge and dive, but it is no use. I am shrinking, dying. Soon I’ll become the mist, the air. Then I’ll be gone.


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