English: Eye of a dog

I get the stick. He likes that. He strokes my head and says good boy and grabs my neck and shakes it this way and that, so I lick him.

He likes that too. He says give us a kiss, so I do, and he wipes his face clean and smiles and laughs so I jump up and try to snatch the stick from his grasp.

We walk home, and he lets me run ahead, then calls me back and I run through and around his legs. He likes that too. He pats me, and when we get home he puts some water in my blue dish and I slurp it up.

He likes that, and says well done, there’s a good boy, and gives me a bit of toast and jam he’s eating. I like that, and so does he, and we go to the living room and he sits on the couch and pats the seat beside him and I leap up and he strokes me.

I like that. His hands and skin are warm and he doesn’t stop even when I fart. He likes that too and says, oh what a stinker, I hope Val doesn’t catch you doing that, because she’d blame it on me, yes indeed.

He likes that, so I get off the couch after he’s fallen asleep and wrap my legs around his and begin rubbing myself against him until he wakes up.

He doesn’t like that. Not one bit.


21 thoughts on “Some Dogs Might Say He Was Asking For It

  1. Ha! That’s either a take-home (I had to read the last 2 graphs twice) or I may have juxtaposed my twisted world view onto your creative prose. Either way — it’s the cat’s pajamas!

  2. You were able to capture the affection the dog has for his master in a simplistic way and if dogs could talk, this would be their language… lovely

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