Standing toy soldier

You pick me up and throw me and I hit the wall and fall to the floor, but my body remains the same.

You put me in your mouth and bite me and I feel your teeth go into my leg, but I don’t react, I stay prone, waiting for you to do something else to try and make me alive and like you, because I can feel it in your fingers that that’s what you want and know that that’s what I want too.

You stand me up and try to move my gun from side to side and twist my legs and I wish I could do what you want me to do, move, speak, cry, smile, but the only thing I can give is the body, the gun, the helmet I was given and the expression I was made to have.

And when you break off my base in frustration I can feel that frustration and I’m happy to lose it because I feel it too.

Bite me. Bite me again. If I can’t be what you want me to be, what I want to be, you might as well. Make me nothing but teeth marks so then I’ll be yours and every last tooth mark will mean I’m alive and can change and be anything. Anything but what they wanted me to be.


12 thoughts on “Toy Soldier

  1. Great writing, as usual. Kind of wanted it to end on “…because I feel it to,” and because of how differently ‘base’ could be interpreted.

    Sorry for getting all technical nerdy writer on you, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • As a writer and as a pet owner I can relate to projecting human feelings and emotions onto non-human entities. It makes for great new characters if played out beyond the limits of the object or animal, and its just plain fun.

        From another angle, deep minds are very good at this approach (humanizing the non-human). So it’s always a pleasure to connect to other deep minds.

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