Male House Spider

I tell him not to do it, that it’s the worst thing he could possibly do, but he stamps on me anyway, crushes my body and snaps my legs, probably because he doesn’t know that that means that.

So I die and come back, only this time I have four legs and fur and I’m leaping off a wall and running across a road, and before I can think to begin looking for him, I see him coming towards me and I scream for him to stop, because he’s in some great speeding box, but he doesn’t and goes right into me and I can feel everything in me breaking and dying.

But then I’m alive again and somewhere green, a place I feel I know, and I’m higher than I’ve ever been, and my body is brown and has a lustrous sheen.

I can move fast and turn my head, I have four long legs and a tail I can swish, and I see him there with a smaller version of himself, and he walks towards me and I think, yes, this is what I meant when I told him not to do it, to stamp on me, because I knew this would happen, and as he reaches for my head I turn and pull away and kick hoping that I will get him with my hoof, which I do, a perfect kick, and he collapses.

I run away, happy and free and glad that I got him back, that I gave him what I told him I would give him.

But that’s not the end, because the moment I run off there’s another chasing me. I try to get away by leaping over a wall, but I trip and stumble and fall, and all of a sudden I’m on my side, and when I shake my head I see him standing over me with a gun in his hand, a rifle, which he cocks and presses to my skull, and all I can think is, next time, next time, I’ll get him next time.

Then everything goes black and then bright and I’ve got eight legs again and a body he can’t wait to stamp on.


20 thoughts on “A Circle of Life

  1. Oh wow. This is great. I imagined halfway through that the characters might meet as equals at some point, but this is so much better than that. Maybe our 8-legged friend could be venomous this time round?

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