I’m on the wheel in the cage and I’m spinning. Then I’m off to the bottle for a drink and a dig and a nibble on some poo, then back to the wheel before I see the man and have a gnaw at the bars of my cage and a scratch to make my message clear.

He lets me out, pops the lock, and the whole cage does a metallic shudder, and I’m out and onto the carpet, the vast carpet, and scurrying over here and there, the soft pile gorgeous on my claws.

I head to the skirting board and skate around it then over to the door for a scratch and a nibble. Then I see an opening, a perfect opening, and hurry to it, but it suddenly disappears when the man moves, so I turn and go the other way, and through a little gap which leads to a place with a cold floor, which is kind of nice and kind of noisy.

My claws scratch on it, but I hear the man following me so I think, let’s get away, let’s hide, let’s never go back to that bottle and wheel again.

So I don’t. I find another hole and go through it and suddenly it’s dark, unbelievably dark, and I don’t know where I am, so I keep on moving, hoping it’ll get light soon enough, but it doesn’t, and the only thing I can hear is water and hissing and the odd creak and shuffle of something, at least for a while, until I hear a banging, which must be the man.

I head towards it, and scratch against the dark wall exactly where the sound is coming from, but it’s no use because he can’t get through and I can’t get out. So I wait and think, I’m hungry, and I remember the cage and the bottle and begin to think that maybe, maybe that was better than this dark tunnel.

But it’s too late, way too late, and I don’t know how to retrace my steps, and anyway, I’m free, I’m out, so I lie down, curl up, feel the fuzz beneath me and the grit and think at least I did something, something, at least I did something, even if I die here, at least I did something.


13 thoughts on “Operation Hamster Freedom

  1. You’ve captured the emotions of a hamster to the T. When in cage, wanted to be free and now when free, thinking cage would’ve been better. So tragic!

      • I was ten at the time and my mom told me just to forget about because I’ll never get it back. So, I was stubborn and thought of my pet like my family. I took an old shoe box and cut a door out of it and put bedding inside it. I also took the hamsters bowl out of his cage and put it in the box.It only took four hours and the little guy was in their munching away on his food. I shut the door and took him back and put him in the cage. Then when my mom got home from work I laughed in her face saying I caught him with my own hamster trap. She laughed and said good job. He got out only one other time but my dog helped me catch him the second time. She about scared him to death but I saved him. I guess having a hunting dog around isn’t a good idea if you have hamsters and other caged pets. 🙂

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