An Udder Cow Picture, 26 December 2012

I give birth to one and another falls out. This has not happened before, so I stop licking the first one to look at the second then go back to licking the first again. I don’t know what the second one’s for and I’m liking this one, so I think I might as well stick with him. He tastes good and has a nice white spot on his head.

After a while he gets up. We walk a bit and I let him under my legs to have a suck on my udder. I know he’s mine now and I’m going to look after him, but then the other one appears again all covered in goo. She strokes my leg then goes for my udder as if it were no other cow’s, so I rear up and jump to my left and push her away, mooing at her for good measure. I have one already and my udder is for him. But she comes back – this time for my mouth – and shoves her head towards me looking for a lick so I butt her and moo again.

Go away. I have a calf. Find another.

But she comes back for more, so I turn away from her and lash out with my hind legs hoping to make my point clear. I make contact with a hoof, but she doesn’t pay any attention. She pushes past my one and tries to latch on to my udder, but I don’t want her and neither does mine.

My udder isn’t built for this, so I decide to wait until she’s under me. Let her have it. Let her take it and feel her mother’s love so I can lie on her and smother her with it. But the first one’s there too having a suck – he doesn’t know any better.

I go down, I kill them both. I stay, I rear them both, loving one and hating the other. My udder won’t be able to take it.

I should’ve stood on her head the moment she fell out.


7 thoughts on “Second Calf

  1. This is great ‘in your face’ for those PETA mongers that are falling out of their trees over calves being taken from their mothers and bottle fed. Cows, too, have their own reasons for appreciating the ‘assistance’ from their human caretakers.

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