Unexploded Cluster Bomb

I’m spinning through the air pretty fast. The land is getting closer. I can see green and trees and brown and some snaky bits of grey concrete and blue and white. Everything is small but getting larger and larger and more complicated, filled with patterns and shapes.

And now I’m here and I’m not moving. I’m – what? – waiting. For what I don’t know. There’s brown stuff beneath me and some greens and there’s these little black things walking over me every so often, which for some reason makes me feel nervous and excited like something big’s going to happen. Something dramatic. As if by walking over me these things are going to bring about an end to my waiting and a new beginning, a beginning I’m afraid of and looking forward to at the same time.

Another thing: as I wait the brown stuff flies up around me and into the air and the whole world shudders and flashes and there’s a big noise and some kind of grey stuff envelops me like that white stuff I saw when I was spinning, that white stuff in the big blue.

But that’s irrelevant. I’m here and nothing’s happening apart from every so often this wet stuff falls on me then dries. Then I get hot and I move a little and then that feeling comes back of excitement and fear, like everything’s going to end, though I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing.

The brown stuff beneath me rearranges itself and I move and I don’t think I can go anywhere further. I just have to sit here for some reason no one explained to me. I was in a dark place with a load of other balls and now I’m here with no one like me.

Unless that thing is. It’s kind of the same shape, but bigger, whiter, with little black bits on it, but it can’t be. It’s having fun. It knows what it’s doing, bouncing and jumping.

And, look, there’s something coming after it. Like that thing that put me in the dark place. A flatter, longer ball with two longer bits going down from the long ball and two sticking out to the side. Maybe it’ll take me back. Put me with all the other balls. Or keep me with this ball, make me white, play with me. Make me bounce, go up and down. We can live together in a light place, though the idea of bouncing makes that feeling return again.

Look, it’s coming towards me now. Maybe it can help me. Show me what I’m supposed to be doing. Take me away from the wet-dry-move slightly cycle.

Yes, that’s it. Just a little bit and it’ll have me out. Forget about that fear and excitement building.

It’ll all go soon. In one quick –


11 thoughts on “Waiting To Happen

  1. “Maybe it’ll take me back. Put me with all the other balls. Or keep me with this ball, make me white, play with me. Make me bounce, go up and down.”

    Nicely done.

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