Teeth of a model.

Look, let me be straight. I’m a dad. I’m the Prime Minister, but I’m also a dad. And I’ve got a seven year-old son.

Yes. I’m just like you. Well, not really like you. I’m the PM. I’m rich and have influential friends. But I’m a dad first and foremost. And a role model to my son and others. Not your son, maybe, but a role model. And I take that responsibility very seriously. I don’t bite people.

Look, I love watching football. My son loves watching football. I’m a role model. Luis Suarez is a role model. Biting is not what role models do. Politicians don’t bite politicians and footballers should not bite footballers. My son didn’t start noshing on me after the game and I didn’t start chewing on George. But I’m right nevertheless.

I’m a dad and a politician and a role model and it’s serious. I’m trying to bring up my son properly and seeing one footballer bite another does not help.

Yes. It’s tough bringing a son up, especially when you don’t know if he’s going to bite someone or not. He needs a better role model than that. Someone who says you don’t need to bite someone to do well.

Someone like me, for example.

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