Imagine you’re me. You’re a chainsaw. You’ve been in the shed for an age. In fact, you’ve been there so long you’re not even sure what you’re capable of. Your blades contain a memory of something – movement, cutting, the crispiness of bark and the soft wood beneath – but that’s all.

You’re covered in cobwebs and you’re dry and rusty when, suddenly, you’re bathed in light and you feel a dark liquid pouring into you. You shudder and wake, and find yourself in the air again swinging back and forth and up and down, the cobwebs flying off, the hands on you mad and tight.

You stop and feel the pulse of breathing, of blood, and then a kind of scrabbling over your body until your start engine is clicked and you cough and choke. You feel a churning but it’s only momentary. You shake and stop and wait for the start engine to be clicked again, and when it is you’re ready.

You don’t cough. You don’t choke. You don’t churn and give in. You roar and buzz and your blades spin on your chain with a hunger you’d almost forgotten. The cobwebs fly off, the flakes of rust too. You spin and go out into the light and moving air zooming around and cutting at the wind.

You stay on and bounce with the man holding you, darting here and there as he lifts you and swings you around in the air with threats and jerks until you find you’re doing what you were doing an age ago: cutting.

Only this time what you’re cutting is softer on the outside, and the crispiness is within.


27 thoughts on “Cutting

  1. it is weird how you’re able to make a chainsaw seem like a sentient creature without it reading like that’s what you’re going out of your way to do. you have a very interesting writing style, i’m definitely a fan.

    • Thanks. I’m glad it seems like I’m not going out of my way to do it because I’m not. I don’t want it to seem like a hey look at me and what I’m doing sort of thing

  2. Imagery was fantastic! It is such a real depiction that it cuts and gnaws at my heart as I remember my own memories. Your writing gave the power to feel, and that, more than anything, is your specific talent in writing. You can definitely string words together seamlessly. Your metaphors are fantastic, but they’d all be useless without that meaning…without the feeling that gives shivers and hurts…that sparks thought even after the Internet is closed.

    Well done!

  3. I really liked this. It speaks to me, I feel like I am the chainsaw your describe when I give in to certain demons. I don´t cough, I don´t choke, I don´t churn but I give in….always with a hunger I had forgotten.

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