You know it’s actually harder than you think trying to figure out what God’s plan is for you.

Take this morning, for instance. I woke up, and for some reason decided I really felt like pancakes. But then I thought, am I supposed to have pancakes? Is that part of God’s plan for me, that I eat pancakes this morning?

If I have pancakes, then I suppose it’s good because I’m praising, or thanking, Him for gracing me with the flour, milk and eggs needed to make them. But if I don’t eat them, I could be praising Him too, through making a sacrifice. I don’t really need the pancakes, I’m not particularly hungry, at least I don’t think I am. If I eat, I’m doing so because I can, and not because I’m grateful for the food (though I would be grateful for the flavour). If I eat, I’m making a mockery of the food and being graced with it, as I’m not eating it as food, but simply because I feel like it, and something given should not be used so flippantly, right?

But then I thought, maybe I should save the ingredients for another day. Like I said, I wasn’t hungry. But if I do that, I could end up doing the opposite of praising Him. I could be rejecting Him and the gift of food that He gave me (or the gift of ingredients, the gift of being able to make the pancakes being a different gift).

Then I thought, you know what, I could make the pancakes for someone else, someone who’s actually hungry and will appreciate the giving rather than me, who only wants pancakes because I feel like pancakes. Not that any of that’s assured, of course, as the hungry people I give it to might resent the hand-out, since they won’t be making the pancakes themselves or supplying the ingredients – maybe they don’t even like pancakes, maybe they prefer scrambled eggs – though I’m sure some would be happy to compromise by making what I supply.

It’s all so confusing, especially when I don’t even know if praising God is actually a factor I should even be considering. Maybe that’s not part of His plan for me. After all, He’s God and I’m not, and I don’t know whether He wants me to eat pancakes or feed the hungry, never mind praise Him, because I have no idea what He thinks or what His plan is.

Or even if He has a plan. Or thinks for that matter. He is a God after all, and beyond human understanding. Maybe He doesn’t even need my praise. Or care if I praise Him or not.

I can tell you one thing, though: He probably doesn’t need my pancakes.


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