strobe light dancing

We’re at a club, and Mike tells me he’s going home with someone tonight. It doesn’t matter who.

I tell him not to chat shit, but he smiles and nods at someone behind me, so I turn, and see a girl, blonde hair, dress, plastic pint in hand, strobes making her face appear then disappear.

Mike walks up to her, says something in her ear, and when the strobes light her I see her face go all confused. She gives him one of those awkward toothy smiles, and shakes her head. Mike shrugs and walks up to another girl lit blue by the bar. She laughs in his face and Mike shrugs again and moves on.

The next girl is on the dance floor, and she just dances away. The next is dancing too, and she chooses to slap him.

After that they slap, smile and shake their heads until eventually he takes one girl by the hand and they kiss then separate, she to the cloakroom, him for me.

He says, catch you later, yeah?

I say, okay, and he makes to leave.

Hold on, I say, catching him by the arm. What did you say?

He smiles, wouldn’t you like to know, and heads off to the cloakroom, leaving me alone, with a pint, strobes flashing.


13 thoughts on “Chat Up

  1. This is great. The mix of dialogue and narrative works. Launching straight into the story works here – as it always does in short fiction. The language sets the mood and gives us a sense of how our hero and his buddy think – and what they think with. An excellent piece of writing – one of your best.

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