The teacher says we shouldn’t shout or speak when he’s speaking, so I put my hand up and say Charlie was talking just then, I saw him, but the teacher says, it’s okay, I know, and doesn’t take any points off Charlie’s team.

I go home and tell mum what happened and say, it’s not fair, but she says, sometimes life’s not fair, and, anyway, you shouldn’t be such a tell tale, no one likes a tell-tale.

The next day I go to school and say nothing, even when Charlie’s speaking. I get on with my work, do it quickly and well, and say, teacher, look, I’ve finished, can I have some points for my team? But he says, well, I was going to give you some, this is good work, but that’s not why you do it, is it, for the points, and, anyway, you shouldn’t ask, you shouldn’t presume.

When I get home I tell mum again and she says, well, the teacher does have a point, so the next day I raise my hand only when the teacher asks. I do my work and say nothing.

At the end of the day, the teacher asks if there’s anything wrong, nothing to say today, you’ve been quiet, and I say, no, teacher, I’m fine. I’m just doing like you said, all work, no chat, no asking for points.

He says: well, I’m pleased to hear it, but no need to be a goody-two-shoes, eh?


22 thoughts on “Sometimes You Can’t Win

      • The interesting thing with her is she is usually the one who tells me to let it go. But it depends on how unfair the situation is. For the most part I tell her that is how it is even into adulthood because it is difficult to be fair to everyone since everyone has a different opinion on what is fair. So I tell her to pick and choose her fights. If it is something that is woefully unfair that it causes issues then I tell her we can go to the principle to see what can be done. Most times she doesn’t encounter anything that severe. I also tell her to use it as a learning tool so she will learn how to handle unfairness as she grows older.

        The other part of this is learning what is within your sphere of control, so many times we allow things that are beyond our control to control our emotions causing our unhappiness. I teach her that she is responsible for her own happiness and to not let something that is outside of her control to interfere with her own happiness. This is something that is tough for kids to learn because so many things surrounding them teach them that things and other people are what make them happy.

        and of course each situation is different so I always tell her to talk to me about it so I can help her understand and guide her to making the right choices for herself. I do encourage her to speak with her teacher and to let me know if he/she isn’t supportive and understanding of her concerns. I never shelter her from reality but use it as a tool for her to be able to handle life on her own.

  1. Loved this one. Don’t I always say this? Reminds me of childhood, and life at work. Being a lead paralegal is much like this as well. I am sure many people can identify with this piece. I so look forward to each story.

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