He did some weird things. Like one day he got so mad – I can’t remember why now – he barricaded himself in his bedroom, put all kinds of stuff in front of the door: a chest of drawers, a box of Lego, chairs, a desk. I even think he pulled his bunk bed over to block the way. We told him to open up, but he just said no.

Then – this would’ve been later, when he was a teenager – someone said something – God knows what – when we were on holiday by this lake in Germany, and he just went and stood in the water with all his clothes on. We told him to come out – I think we were having lunch at the time, eating anyway, and he hadn’t had anything since breakfast. We even threw stones near him so he’d get sprayed, but he just stood there, and didn’t move an inch or say anything until the sun began to go down. Then he came out and took himself back to his tent without saying a word.

Like I said, he did some weird things, but nothing that would have made me think he was capable of that.


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