I was in the airport and it was busy and I couldn’t find a seat, so I said to this guy who had his bag on the seat next to him, do you mind if I sit there, all polite, like I knew it was a big deal. He said no, it was taken – his wife, like he forgot who it was for, or tacked on wife as an afterthought to make it more believable, even though it was pretty obvious he didn’t have a wife.

So, in the next airport – I can’t remember where I was travelling, but I had a layover, Dubai or Singapore or Chicago, I don’t know – I found myself a seat quick in the waiting lounge and lay down over four seats. I was going to be there a while, so I decided to have a nap. It was quiet, I was in a daze, people were drifting around like zombies, but as soon as I nodded off I felt someone kick or tap me and say, hey, could I sit here?

I opened my eyes and sat up to let him sit – I did it automatically, like breathing – but as I did I saw empty seats everywhere. I said, can’t you sit over there? I was sleeping, but he said, no, sorry, you can’t see the timetable from there. I remember he was wide awake and had a coffee and I was groggy and had nothing, so I got up and moved.

At the next airport, the one I was heading to, or think I was heading to, I got on one of those transfer buses from terminal to terminal and found a seat straightaway. I was tired and woozy, I felt like I was being crushed in a cushioned vice. The bus was a bus or wasn’t, or was, but felt like it was a spaceship, and quickly it filled up with objects with arms and legs and weird extensions on their backs or added to their arms, and after a minute there was one there with grey on the top of its body and lines all over its skin and a sort of metal pole extending from one of its arms. It looked at me. I stared back. I had no idea who or what it was or what it wanted. It looked like it was about to topple over. I didn’t move an inch. There was no way I was moving an inch.


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